Omnipress’s new website has been built entirely from the beginning in responsive custom design with new web elements. It can create and serve events with tickets generator for attendees with all the information they need, view magazines in 3d e-books, online shopping for omnipress magazines subscriptions, dental news, live webinars and has built-in a complete CRM system for its online members. It is equipped with special tools for the security of its visitors and on-site SEO has been built from the start with new technologies for its proper integration into search engines and social media.

A few words about the company:

OMNIPRESS, counting four decades of active presence in the field dental publications, by means of 9 different publications and numerous collaborations with scientific publishing houses, speaks to the generalist and specialist dentists alike, bringing to them all the latest developments in the world of oral health. OMNI’s purpose is to provide all round knowledge to dentists and to independently present all the companies active in the field of dental materials and systems. Taking one more step forward, OMNIPRESS over the last 15 years, has been actively organising specialised dental conferences, with the presence and cooperation of prominent and acclaimed Greek speakers and internationally known scientists from other countries.
Through twelve publications and with a total of 6,000 subscribers across Greece and Cyprus, OMNIPRESS has been established in the dental and dental science market, offering full and continuous knowledge to all scientists in the industry for 35 years.